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Customers are looking online for a new car, and you have what they want. Auto Lead Providers will grab these customers and put them into cars on YOUR lot.

Auto Lead Providers’ New Car Leads uses the ALLSCORE™ predictive purchasing scoring system to filter out only the BEST customers, saving you time and energy!

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What is ALLSCORE™?

ALLSCORE™ is a lead scoring system which uses highly predictive lead analysis to filter the best new car leads. Data validation and consumer data science will enable your sales force to focus on the most serious of new car buyers, resulting in increased revenues.

ALLSCORE™ uses current automotive data and behavior analytics to help you predict the customers most likely to buy. Lead data validation, advanced demographic and lifestyle information, household data, modeled vehicle history, geography data, and lead content are combined to ‘score’ the new car lead, and ‘predict’ the likelihood of purchase.

Leads are scored 1-10. Only the best leads, scored 6 and above, are delivered to our Preferred Dealers.

Leads are provided instantly to you, your CRM, and our web based CRM, free for your use! Contact us Today for pricing and availability for your territory.

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