Auto Lead Providers Provides Customers a Way to Connect with Your Auto Dealership that is Quick and Easy!

Auto Lead Providers offers New Car Leads, Inventory Specific Leads, and Special Finance Leads For Your Dealership.

auto lead providers finds the car the customer is searching for from dealership inventory in their area

As of 2010, almost 75% of all car buyers used the internetwhile shopping for a new car!  Nearly 50% of cars purchased in the United States last year were from internet generated leads.  HALF of ALL sales! Those numbers are certain to only go up!

With trends like these it only made sense to create a stable bridge between the informed customer, and auto dealerships in their area.  Auto Lead Providers has created that bridge, and is connecting real car buying customers with the exact automobile they are looking for. 

Is Your Dealership Targeting The Right Customers?

What is your current rate of return for conventional advertising? Radio, television, newspaper, direct mail, yellow pages - ALL of them combined do not equal the amount of traffic that is generated on the intent. More than 5 billion minutes a day are spent on Facebook alone, with 1.5 million pieces of content shared. Auto Lead Providers reduces the cost of alternative advertising by delivering your product marketing directly to the customer, and your customer is sitting at the computer.

Why Choose Auto Lead Providers?

It is our business to match our customers with your inventory. Our leads are generated from organic internet activity from car buying customers located directly in your area. We maximize the marketing opportunities Social Media has created, advertising your Dealerships offerings directly to a captive audience. With Auto Lead Providers, YOU choose the area, the type of leads, and the number of leads you would like, and we take care of the rest!

Want Auto Lead Exclusivity?

Auto Lead Providers works ONLY with exclusive territories.  No leads generated from our websites will be sent to competitive dealerships in your area.  If you have the car our customer is looking for, then it is your sale to win or lose.

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